50-50 SYNC

50-50 SYNC is a community interest company which seeks to create positive role-model citizens within society who give back to their community.

Through the concepts of self-mentoring, peer mentoring and understanding responsibility through daily practice, 50-50 SYNC creates positive peer environments. One positive outcome for many young people is they develop selfless attitudes, volunteer spirit and a give-back mentality. They learn key social skills to equip them in education, employment and life. They practice through earning responsibility and role mentoring their peers while gaining these vital skills.

Below are some pictures of the Break and Lunchtime provisions at IQRA. Click on images to enlarge.

20131017_155411 Structured Break & Lunchtime Mentoring Provisions.






20141020_122938 Pupils practice responsibility.








Pupils become role models and inspire others.







50-50 Mentors put on a range of sports, games and fitness activities.






20141020_123253 Pupils gain points for meeting key life skill targets.






20131001_124542 Pupils collect points towards 50-50 Medals.