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  • In the Early Years Foundation Stage children make outstanding progress

    External Educational Consultant, June 2014

  • Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities are extremely well supported by the emotional and learning hub known as the ‘Rainbow Room’. External Educational Consultant, June 2014

  • Adults use a range of exciting stimuli such as video clips to capture pupils’ imagination. Drama and a real emphasis on language development and acquisition are resulting in pupils becoming extremely confident about a range of authors and books. External Educational Consultant, June 2014

  • Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. They are polite and courteous as they move around the school. External Educational Consultant, June 2014

  • Leaders follow up behaviour issues meticulously External Educational Consultant, June 2014

  • Discussions with pupils also reveal that they have an understanding of respecting religious differences within a British multicultural society. External Educational Consultant, June 2014

  • Leadership at various levels is extremely strong and exceptional in a number of cases. External Educational Consultant, June 2014

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What People Say

  • This is a huge achievement and reflects the hard work of you, your team and your pupils. We received nearly 200 entries this year and the standard was very high. We expect this public recognition and demonstration of effective practice in your school will encourage other schools to think more ambitiously about their use of pupil premium funding and I would encourage you to work with other schools in your region

    Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Nick Clegg

  • I am very pleased to highlight how well behaved and quiet the children were when coming into assembly. It is a real credit to your staff to how they manage the children and interact with them.

    PC Mel Powell, Thames Valley Police

  • I would also like to complement you and the staff on the behaviour of the children. I go into 40 schools and see a complete spectrum of behaviour. The children at IQRA are certainly a credit to the hard work by you and the other members of staff. It was a pleasure to present to them. Please pass on my compliments to the staff and children when the school is next together for an assembly.

    Keith Beasley, Road Safety Officer

  • Very impressed with the session, I’m grateful….The session was more concise, practical, applicable and useful than any planning lecture or workshop I attended on my PGCE.

    University Trainee Teacher

  • All the students are doing well, but I was particularly impressed with Tom and Sara today. Tom in particular has made remarkable progress from his starting points and has moved from being one of the weaker to being one of the strongest students I have seen this year. This is largely thanks to all the help he has had at IQRA and the exceptionally high quality of support he has had from his mentor. Whatever you are paying her it’s not enough!!!

    Brunel University Tutor

  • The school works at a pace I have not experienced in any of my other placements. The CPD is well thought through, exceptionally well delivered and all of the schools objectives clearly transfer to the classroom. As a result of this all children progress at a far faster rate than I could ever of imagined

    University PGCE Student

  • Appreciate the efforts being made by the school admin/staff to the education /character building.

    Parent of Pupil

  • Fantastic! School and teachers especially.

    Parent of Pupil

  • This school is the best.

    Parent of Pupil

  • I am very happy with my child’s progress.

    Parent of Pupil

  • Everything is good, I am sooooo satisfied.

    Parent of Pupil

  • Thank you very much, my child is very happy.

    Parent of Pupil

  • We really appreciate the teacher for all the efforts.

    Parent of Pupil

  • A beacon school for every teacher and pupil

    Class Teacher

  • When I visit other schools for training and they tell us that their school is outstanding I wish I could show them what a truly outstanding school is like! The school encourages real learning through real experiences in my experience nothing can compare

    Class Teacher

  • We can see tremendous efforts and creativity from IQRA students.

    Visiting Local Primary Staff

  • It’s a fantastic visit for the children and staff. I am really amazed with the displays and Art work presented by the children.

    Visiting Local Primary Staff

  • Our children have learnt a lot from the visit. Everything was fantastic – please keep it up.

    Visiting Local Primary Staff

  • The exhibition is lovely! The children’s work is well displayed and colourful. Children love it Brilliant art work. Varied and done to an excellent standard.

    Visiting Local Primary Staff

  • Great to see children interact with other children. Shared work and fantastic for community cohesion.

    Visiting Local Primary Staff