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School will be closed on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th June 2024


IQRA Primary School's choir proudly present to you their new single ' build up'

Iqra Primary School is now a teaching for mastery school. This accomplishment comes in collaboration with the National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and the BBO MathsHub. Over the years, the school has invested significant efforts into enhancing its math curriculum, instructional strategies, and professional development opportunities for its teachers. As a teaching for mastery school, Iqra will now serve as a model for other schools seeking to improve their math education practices. Through partnerships with the National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and the BBO MathsHub, Iqra will share its expertise and best practices with educators from across the region.

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🌙 Dive into the month of #Ramadan with our amazing staff and students! Get all your burning questions answered in our captivating videos on #YouTube! Don't miss out on the excitement! 💫 #RamadanExplained #Community #awareness #unity #respect #faith

#BritishScienceWeek2024 rocked! Students across the school dove into a world of #scientific wonders!From #coding cool robots to cracking #forensic cases with fingerprinting fun& even peeking into the secrets of a lamb's heart (learning about #cardiovascular health). @priscigeeks


Why did the animator always carry a pencil?
Because he liked to “draw attention”! 😂We had an 'animagination' day with @Animationnat10n, where we brought our ideas to life through our very own stop-motion animations! 🎨🌟 #DesignInspiration #ImaginationUnleashed #creativity

A big thank you to @EtonEndSchool for hosting our @AuthorsAbroad_ day of investigative Maths. Number crunching, adventures in volume and the probability of games featured. Thank you @IqraPrimary for the volume inspired thanks! You all behaved like mathematicians! @PriorySchoolSL1

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