Arabic - MFL

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At Iqra we subscribe to the Language Angels Scheme of Work to teach Arabic across the school.  All Arabic lessons follow a thematic approach lasting 6 weeks with clearly organized units ranging from Core Vocabulary, Phonics and Grammar, Early Language, Intermediate Language, Progressive and Creative Language, thus allowing for progression.  At the end of each unit, all children in KS2 are assessed across the four main skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  In addition to Arabic taught within the classroom, children are able to consolidate their learning by accessing the Language Angels games website either at home or by attending our Language Angels ICT club which is ran on Monday lunchtimes by our Year 6 Digital Language Angel Leaders.

International Awareness

In addition to our Arabic lessons, we have a focus on international awareness.  We currently work closely with the British Council in training other teachers in Arabic language due to our cross curricular links to other countries, languages and culture. Each year, we host an International Day which is based on a different theme each year including international Art, Food, Music and more recently Festivals. Cuisines from a diverse culture are served to all children, staff and parents/carers.  Children and staff get to dress up in a costume to celebrate Iqra’s international and cultural diversity.