A high standard of school dress reflects a good attitude and is really important in maintaining our high standards and outstanding

reputation. The Governors very much appreciate your support in ensuring that your child is dressed appropriately.


Swimming costume or swim leggings & top

Swim hat



Swimming shorts

Swim hat


Please label all clothing and personal equipment with your child’s name

Pupils who arrive in school wearing clothes which are inappropriate may be given alternative items for the day or parents may be asked to take children home to change.

• Long hair should be tied back with a plain band or clip.

• Extreme haircuts, dyed hair, hair spiked up with gel, glitter and motifs cut into the hair are not allowed and may result in your child being sent home.

• A watch and one set of stud earrings (one in each ear lobe) are the only jewellery which are permitted.

• Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed.


High heeled shoes are unsafe in school and contravene Health & Safety Regulations. Any platform or heeled shoes are not acceptable. Pupils must wear flat, safe shoes at all times. Children are also required to wear socks.

We would like to clarify what the Governors consider to be suitable and safe footwear for school:
• Shoes should have heels no higher than 1.5 inches (4cm). Heels should be wide and flat (Party type shoes are inappropriate and dangerous for school)
• Trainers should not be studded or have any flashy lights
• Boots are to be only ankle high
• Heavy duty boots, particularly those with re-enforced toes, are unacceptable
• Sling backs, plastic ‘jelly’ type shoes, flip flops and clogs are not allowed
• Shoes should have closed toes. 


Other items such as multi-coloured headbands, glittery or non-uniform coloured headscarves do not comply with the uniform requirements and are therefore not to be worn.