We Learn, We Lead, We Inspire

Treating others with respect and good manners is the cornerstone of our school’s core values. Children are expected to live and are taught to think morally, and thereby distinguish between right and wrong. This is particularly evident in our ethos, sense of community and Mission Statement with its focus on Islamic values such as harmony, justice, equality and tolerance. This is also evident through the curriculum, RE and PSHE lessons, in assemblies and in our Behaviour for Learning Policy.

Social Justice is a very important part of our Pastoral curriculum and Citizenship work. We teach students how to channel their disagreements through restorative justice and clear resolution activities. We provide our students with a healthy approach to encourage their confidence in expressing their views through experiencing debates and discussion time. We enable students to take on responsibilities through leadership opportunities such as Playground Pals. Sports Leaders, Mentors and to lead change through becoming a School Council representative.

Our Reward system and celebration assemblies provide us with regular means to recognise and affirm good work, moral choices and progress in learning. Responsible behaviour to and from school is reinforced through assemblies and by SLT presence at the school gates and in the playground every day. Complaints are swiftly followed up and shared with students and parents.

We teach children to appreciate diversity and the viewpoint of others on ethical issues through RE and PSHE lessons as well as the wider curriculum. We actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy through elections for school council and junior sports leaders and values assemblies e.g. emphasis on respect for other faiths and applying our values in forming attitudes and viewpoints.

Pupils actively contribute positively to life in modern Britain through putting our ethos into action, carrying out charity work, enrichment activities e.g. visit to WW2 bunker and Parliament, celebrating Black History month, taking part in competitive sporting events, concerts, the Iqra Choir, year group productions and World Book Day and entering competitions such as the National Young Writers Competition and The Jet2holidays challenge.