Hey! I’m Mr Valu (Founder of ‘Fleek Education’), from London.

In our Media department we have a team of highly trained and friendly media specialists who have a wide range of experience in the media production industry such as being a camera operator, sound supervisor, editor, director, producer and more. We have worked on many super exciting video projects such as short movies, school promotional videos, adverts and special event productions.

At Iqra we are all passionate about working with pupils and staff in school, knowing that we can help pupils bring their learning to life and give them real life opportunities to enhance their understanding of specific topics brings a smile to our faces. The future of education is right here, teaching skills in digital technology, the importance of E-Safety and the creation of video productions gives the children great excitement and prepares them for future jobs which are to be introduced in the next decade. Seeing the outcome of pupil’s experiences and learning just shows that media studies is a simple subject for all children to participate in.  All staff are fully trained and aware of issues surrounding E-Safety and this is one of the first things we teach all our pupils before the start of any lesson or project.

Media is a very important subject and has a great impact on people all over the world in today’s society. Never would we have thought that children as young as 6 could edit, produce, script rite and direct their own projects.  Have a look at some of the projects the children have created independently through their curriculum. (Link to Media page)

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