Welcome to Year 4

Our Year 4 team is keen to bring out the best in our children – not only academically but socially and emotionally as well!

Our aim is to ensure all pupils get the opportunity to show their talent in both core and non-core subjects. Our lessons are planned to encourage team work, exploration and independence and most importantly making learning fun. We hope the social skills our children will gain from us will be transferable from school in all aspects of their lives.

We have a strong background in dealing with social and emotional matters and has the passion to teach our children different strategies in order to enable children to leave this year group as emotionally intelligent individuals. Some of the topics covered in our PSHE lessons also contribute to this vision, helping children to express themselves whilst others learn the skill of empathy through opportunities to provide advice and comfort to their peers. 

Children in Year 4 are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of the topics they have covered through challenges in order to be ready and mature for their upper key stage 2 journey.

Our Year 4 Team is consistent in rewarding our children for their efforts and displaying character skills such as resilience, perseverance and communication. We are proud that all of the exciting things we have in place have created a stimulating learning environment where our children feel safe and happy!


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Autumn 1


Autumn 2

AUTUMN 2 - CURRICULUM LETTER AUTUMN 2 MTP - The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England?

Spring 1

Spring 1 - CURRICULUM letter SPRING 1 MTP - How do rivers and mountains shape life?

Spring 2

SPRING 2 - CURRICULUM LETTER Spring 2 MTP - How do rivers and mountains shape life?

Summer 1

Summer 1 - curriculum letter SUMMER 1 MTP - Medieval Monarchs

Summer 2

SUMMER 2 - CURRICULUM LETTER Summer 2 MTP - Junior mappers – How do maps help me?