Welcome to Year 6

As Year 6 is the final primary school year, it is inevitably the most eventful year for our pupils. Eventful in terms of their learning, responsibilities, clubs, trips, performances, booster contingencies and transition to their secondary schools as well as many other opportunities. Our pupils have a thirst for knowledge and a strong love for learning. This is where the Year 6 team work very closely to ensure we provide them with the best education to reach their goals – helping them achieve their aspirations they hold within their hearts.

During your child’s time in Year 6, End of Key Stage 2 SATs is central to all learning. Pupils are expected to sit a Reading and Maths exam during the summer term.

Reading – plays a crucial part in our pupils learning as the more they read, the further their vocabulary will enhance their learning. We support our pupils in helping them to consolidate their knowledge of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Writing – They develop skills related to planning the key features of these texts, as well as practising their ability to write at length.

Mathematics – it comprises of further developing the speed and accuracy of mental calculations and reasoning.

We wish all our pupils the best of luck!

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Residential Trip Blog 2023

Day 1

Here we go, all set for our residential to the Isle of Wight. The end of one holiday and the start of the next. Kingswood, here we come!!!

All aboard the ferry! We basked in the sunshine and enjoyed the cool summer breeze as we set sail across the English channel.

Our adventurers turned back the clock by stepping into the stone age and lighting fires using flint. Thanks to Mr Saddique for bringing marshmallows which we roasted…oh what a treat!

By early evening we were tucking into Kingswood’s finest culinary delights; creamy mashed potato, mixed vegetables with vegetarian sausages. The sugary donut dessert was yum!

We took on the challenge to hike up Culver walk. What a beauty! For some of us, this was a first-time experience, and we were shattered by the end of it. But the picturesque views of the Isle of Wight were well worth it from high above.

Day 2

What a workout! Day 2 started off with a bang with our amazing adventurers scaling the heights with rock climbing.

What problem? Pupils rallied together to solve problems as a team building resilience and embedding critical thinking.

Year 6s stepped back in time and worked together in small teams to build buggies that transport goods and people along with building shelters in the deep dense woodland.

Day 3

Our swift-strike archers were in full flow on the final morning of the residential. Hitting the bullseye seemed like effortless for our budding arrow aces. Some were even up for the challenge against our staff.

The year 6s turned into the Aerial Acrobatic Adventurers whilst competing in the infamous leap of faith. What an adrenaline rush for our year 6s as they scaled the heights of their fears to take launch into their goals.

watch the video to see the highlights of what we got up to! 😃

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Secondary School Admission – September 2023

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