At Iqra Primary we provide our pupils with the best enrichment opportunities to broaden their horizons and allow them opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge gained in a number of scenarios outside of their classroom setting. These experiences may be trips to local places of interest or visits from external experts.

Our teachers pay extra attention to planning half termly trips and workshops which enhance the pupils learning around various topics. So far this year pupils have visited: Windsor Castle (Dragons, Knights and Castles), Leeds Castle and Hampton Court Palace (Tudors), The Living Rainforest (Rainforests), Bracknell Discovery centre and Eton College for a Victorian workshop. Pupils have also participated in a number of external workshops linked to topics such as: The Great Fire of London, Life as a Roman Soldier and Victorian School Life.

Pupils from Year 5 and 6 have independently led a project to raise awareness on bridging the gap between the elderly and young adults of today’s society. They have worked very closely with a number of external companies and a local residential home.

In addition to this our Year 6 pupils are looking forward to their residential which is to St Briavels Castle in Wales.

Year 6 Residential to St. Briavels castle

day 1

All set and ready to go! 

We can’t contain our excitement!

Rest break at services. 

Entering St Briavel’s castle.

Furious fencers on guard.

Students learnt offensive and defensive skills in Fencing. Mrs Ansari amazed us all with her agile movements!

Amazing art – Students participating in a tile designing activity 

Even Mrs Maher created a beautiful design! 

Creative candle making!

Everyone enjoying a delicious lunch.

Ms Munir roasting marshmallows whilst everyone sings around the campfire. 

day 2

Breakfast time!

Aiming for the target! Students learnt many skills for perfecting their aim during archery. 

The British Bakeoff…Students applied their mathematical and scientific skills to bake bread for the banquet.

Students took part in a 3 hour hike through the beautiful Forest of Dean…

…Facing many challenging obstacles on the way… such as crossing over the stiles (which Ms Munir did in ‘style’), walking through open fields and down the valleys…

…traipsing through the forest, trekking over natures pathways, dodging the many bugs and insects to finally reach the babbling brook. 

Our guide Chris was exceptionally knowledgeable and highly entertaining. The best moment was to stop and experience the serenity of the forest, absorbing in the sounds and smells of nature.

Our evening led on to a regal banquet…

…with the nobility sitting at the head table.

Local commoners were promoted to Ladyship because of their notable skills

“I am overjoyed to be knighted on this glorious night!’ 

Medieval story telling 

Bidding farewell to Sir John as the night comes to an end.

A stroll to the viewpoint just before Magrib salah

day 3

Lining up for scrumptious breakfast! 

Students participated in a Medieval game where they had to find their way across a path, avoiding many invisible disasters! Well done to those who made it across in one piece!  

A very interesting tour of the castle revealed some shocking stories about the past…

‘Les Oubliés’ – Did you know this is the french term for ‘The Forgotten’? Students were shocked to see that one of the rooms in the castle had a hidden trap door which led to a dungeon where captives were held and forgotten about…

Mr Valu ended up staying in the ‘Prison’ room where many years ago prisoners were held in extremely awful and unhygienic conditions. Messages were left by prisoners who had passed away in that room. Knowing this, do you think Mr Valu experienced any paranormal activity? 

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It’s been a fantastic three days building memories and living life in the past! Thank you to everyone at St Briavel’s for making our stay enjoyable, entertaining, comfortable and memorable! A huge shout out to our teachers – Mrs Maher, Mrs Ansari, Mr Valu and Ms Munir – for giving us this opportunity! What a great way to end our years at primary school!

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An unforgettable experience for our Year 6 pupils who had the opportunity to visit St Briavels Castle. Have a look at our video to see the journey unfold…